Your Step By Step Guide To Becoming A Counsellor

Choosing the best route into counselling is a vital decision – a proper training takes time and costs money. To help you make the right choice first time, you must ask some key questions:

  • Is counselling really for me? How can I find out more?

  • Are the qualifications I’m taking up-to-date and relevant?

  • Will I be able to practise as a counsellor when I complete my training?

  • Can I go on to further study or training?

To answer these questions – and more – click through this simple step-by-step guide to becoming a counsellor with CPCAB.

Make The Right Choice

CPCAB counselling qualifications offer you much more!

  • Developed from the latest research into effective evidence-based counselling.

  • Lead to independent practitioner status and/or further study.

  • Support a wide range of other job roles, e.g. social worker, nurse, care worker.

  • Meet the standards set by the professional bodies for counselling and accredited by Ofqual.

  • Become part of a unique online community + access free training videos on our website.

…Choose CPCAB

Source: Your Step By Step Guide To Becoming A Counsellor


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